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Did he look like the photos you saw Online? I do not have time to go to a  go-go bar or sit in a gay bar and pick up someone so I go the the gay social networks. Reply With" Liked: 1 April 27th, 2012, 15:26 #9 Re: Russian Gays in Pattaya Originally Posted by ikarus.Russian culture is traditionally homophobic (both due to the attitude of Russian Marxists and Orthodox church). For me, my "generalization"is that many.most cannot speak English, but the younger ones 30 or below know some basic words. Admittedly, my taste in Thais is towards the more boyish, so I'm not sure Russians would fit that bill. Frankly, I doubt. Would you meet them again? Massage started in underwear, then removed when I indicated. Why do you single out "Russian Marxism" as being particularly homophobic? Good at happy ending. What I have read about Russia, is that being a gay in Moscow, for example, isn't as open as in the other major cities around the world so I imagine they enjoy their freedom in the LOS. You scroll down and maybe (hopefully) will be the newest photo of the Thai. . What a bunch of liars.

Complex Massage - posted. Lav nement de L' Gay Beur Francais Compiegne 60200 : Annonces plan cul Compiegne Faites des rencontres ou trouvez un plan cul gay avec Gay, thailand: From memory. He was dressed in short loose trunks and he did not mind mutual touch. The money boys in, pattaya on line think most of the farangs are looking. When you look at the first photo. ...

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What I was wondering about, do they ever mix with "farangs" from other countries. You do not need to ask- you just assume. Once in a while I am looking for a new weekend playmate for fun-no strings attached- so I go window-shopping on Gay Romeo, l the other gay social networks. What websites do they go to to find someone? . Just a heads up on cultural difference. Anyway it was all about branle de rebeu plan cul alsace Russian women being mentioned as some of the most beautiful women in the word and the macho-ism of the Russian man. Above post about his death is greatly exaggerated. Posted two hours ago. He has been silent since. Not so in other apps. Will Rogers said, "I never met a man I didn't like but he never met Donald Trump. #12 DivineMadman Posted You fucking jackass! Yet, others seem to not be as approachable. 1 on the fucking jackass Back to Gay Romeo, Grinder and Other Hookup Sites Reply to"d posts Clear Gay Thailand Forum Gay Bangkok, Gay Pattaya Gay Thailand Forums Gay Romeo, Grinder and Other Hookup Sites Message Center Policies Community Forum Software by ard. I go there to have fun with Thai guys. Keep in mind, though that Russian culture is traditionally homophobic (both due to the attitude of Russian Marxists and Orthodox church). Liked 10, april 27th, 2012, 09:49 #6, senior member, re: Russian Gays in Pattaya, i'll stick with my general feeling. Right before my next trip he appeared at ThaiMassageBoy - I was quite happy and went to this massage shop from Don Mueang with my bags. Reply With" Liked 0 April 27th, 2012, 13:45 #8 Senior member Re: Russian Gays in Pattaya As someone who understands Russian and frequently travel to Pattaya, I find many comments here absolutely unfair. Any comments on this? I went to the shop.

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  • Gay Romeo or Hornet, it will.
  • Smartphones now have programs to process phones, and they are widely used by the Thais.
  • I pretty much expect the photos of the boys to be touched.

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#11 faranglaw Posted He has passed away unfortunately. Question: Thai men who are not commerical boys, but hold regular jobs. Used Jack'D (paid for December trip Hornet and PlanetRomeo. Yes, were they on time? Reply With" Liked. The young men and women are healthy looking with a touch of class in their appearance (compared to the casual dressed, doughy fast-food nations of the West.). On a Scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest, what would you rate them? Russians I meet in Thailand are not friendly and are, more than less, low-class assholes! On more than one occasion they, in fact were helpful and I always try to reciprocate, especially if they need help in translation. Some will ask by the second message, HOW much YOU give ME? If it's 18-90 years, it means the boy is available. Vast majority of Russians behave as other tourists in Pattaya and not especially rude or unfriendly. And unpaid Jack'D still shows you, who visited your profile - some boys check this info and can come back.